Enjoying Masonic Connections

Tonight I visited the sister lodge of Morningside Lodge which meets in Morningside’s lodge building, Landmark Lodge. I feel very lucky as the Master of Morningside that we have another lodge meeting in our facilities. It allows both lodges opportunities for fraternal connection. Each lodge has its own membership and character, both good lodges.

One of the advantages of two lodges in the same building is that we get to maintain one excellent Masonic facility with maintaining lodges that meet on different nights and not losing their distinctiveness. At times I’ve had Masons ask me why lodges that meet in the same don’t merge. There are very good reasons for lodges to not merge. 

Lodges have different personalities. More lodges mean more people have opportunities to participate in the leadership of a lodge. More lodges mean more nights where Masons can choose to meet. So different lodges accomadate different schedules for different groups of Masons. When you merge lodges you lose a night that Masons meet. You lose a slate of officers. And, you use the personality of one of the lodges.

It was good to visit Landmark tonight and I appreciate the dedicated work of Landmark’s Worshipful Master George Harrison, a good Mason and a good friend.

Visiting other lodges is just another one of the enjoyable things about being a Mason! In my next post I’ll talk about the fun of visiting lodges in other Grand jurisidictions.

Timothy Bonney, PM, WM – Morningside Lodge No. 615 A.F.&A.M.


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